The Best Places to Cry on Campus

The semester is half over, but the struggles are only getting worse!

Besides exams, the temperature growing colder every day, the sun setting earlier, recent events (let’s be real, 2016 has been a mess since the very beginning), and the tortuous dim light of the holidays so close but not close enough, sometimes you just need a place to cry.

Here are our favorite places to cry:



Though it’s not always possible because of scheduling conflicts, the hands down best place to cry is home. Blankets, pillows, ice cream, and tea make home the best place to cry. So if you can, try to schedule your daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown when you’re going to be at home!


The Second Floor of Kilmer Library

While the first floor is usually loud and filled with people, the second floor is quiet and feels more private. If you can keep your crying somewhat quiet, this is a great place to let the tears flow. The quiet and relative lack of people makes it feel more private and like more of a safe space.


The Dining Hall

Crying can be pretty exhausting, but food can make it better. Dining halls have an endless supply of ice cream and snacks that will ease the pain and the typical loud commotion found at dining halls will drown out the sound of your sorrows. Since everyone’s too busy eating and playing catch-up with their friends, they’ll be too busy to notice all that crying going on over there- so let those tears flow!


The Study Lounge

Study lounges, found in most but not all residence halls, can be a pretty great place to get a good cry out. Everyone that can be found at the study lounge, at any time of the day, can totally resonate with your emotions, which will make it all the more easier to let it all out.


The Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are pretty decent places to get a quick cry out. However, if you can get your hands on a “secret” laundry room (usually a second laundry room in a residence hall) that not everyone in your building is fully aware of you’ll be set. When things are getting too tough, but you seriously don’t have enough time to just cry, pull out your dirty laundry and trek on down to the laundry room. The monotonous laundry machine commotion will ease your pain and probably drown you out if you get too loud.


The Gym

Whether you’re running on the treadmill, cycling, or lifting weights, no one knows if your tears are real or sweat. Exercise releases endorphins so if you’re already feeling the emotions bubbling, put it to good use and let it out in the gym!


The Business Building

Because it’s basically your second home if you’re a business student. While the lounges may be crowded, everyone is consumed with their work. So, don’t worry if you think people will see you. You can even reserve a conference room to cry in if you wanna go all out. Snacks are served Monday to Thursday at 3pm in the 5th floor lounge. That could be a good scheduled crying time. Let it all out and then have some oreos.


The Shower

Is that water running down your face or tears? Who knows! Also if your shower is loud enough, no one can hear your loud weeping sobs. The warm water is also like a substitute for a hug as well as your towel afterwards. You can stay in the shower for as long as you want, and no one will suspect a thing. You can wail away!