The Best Gyms at Rutgers


Werblin has a ton of options to help you exercise. Not only is there a great traditional gym with treadmills, weights, and other machines, but Werblin also has the nicest pool! Swimming is a total body workout and Werblin has open swim hours fairly frequently. Check out when you can swim here.


College Ave Gym

The College Ave Gym has a multitude of amenities to help you change up your exercise routine. Try out the rock climbing wall for a challenging workout! The College Ave Gym also has many treadmills, ellipticals, and weight lifting areas available for use. This gym is also close to most College Ave residence halls, which makes it very accessible.


Rutgers Fitness Center

Located beneath the Easton Ave Apartments, the Rutgers Fitness Center is a large gym with two levels. On the first floor, some treadmills are mixed in with weight lifting equipment. The majority of the cardio machines can be found on the second floor. A short walk from the Scott Hall bus stop, or a nice run fro