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The Best Cold Weather Clothes to Steal from Your Boyfriend, Guy Friends, Brothers, or Dad

For whatever reason, guys clothing always seems more comfortable and warmer. Pre-worn, sometimes still smelling like a person close to you, there’s nothing like it! Here are my personal favorite pieces I’ve stolen from the guys in my life — and recommend you do the same as it gets colder!


(stolen from: a guy friend)

Tied around your waist for going out, or thrown over a tank top with a pair of leggings, guys flannels are always softer and have a more relaxed look than girls flannels.

Photo by Katarina Šikuljak on Unsplash

Sweat pants

(stolen from: my dad)

I’m pretty tall (6 feet to be exact…!) so guys’ sweats hold a special place in my heart because they actually fit me! Besides that, they’re almost always thicker and hang in that perfect I-couldn’t-care-less-because-I-am-warm-and-comfortable way.

Extra large t-shirts

(stolen from: my brothers, or bought)

I actually don’t tend to steal these: I just buy men’s t-shirts. For fall and winter, they’re perfect to throw on with jeans or leggings for class, or booty shorts for home.

Long-sleeve t-shirts

(stolen from: my dad, and guy friends)

Like the extra large t-shirt, these are extra cozy on cold days — especially the ones that include staying home and Netflix-ing.

Photo by Hieu Vu Minh


(stolen from: my brothers)

Plain and simple: nothing beats the comfort of a too-big sweatshirt!

Varsity jackets

(stolen from: my dad)

I have stolen many a piece of vintage frat clothing from my dad, but my favorite by far is his varsity-style fraternity jacket (lovingly nicknamed the Fracket). Bomber-style jackets are universally flattering and work with any outfit — from relaxing a skirt and heels, to making leggings and tennis shoes look more complete.

Bonus: 80s jean jacket

(stolen from… my mom!)

Ladies, raid your mother’s closet! Odds are, you’ll find pieces they have stolen from guys through the years. The perfect balance of pre-worn comfort and vintage style!

Embrace being a clothing thief this season, beauties!

Gina Sbrilli

Rutgers '19

Gina is a Journalism and Media Studies major at Rutgers, New Brunswick. A New Hampshire native with her heart embedded in Jersey, she loves going to the Shore or getting lost in the city. She will read anything and everything, can probably beat your boyfriend in basketball, and loves 80s movies and music. She could not be happier to be here, empowering her sisters with some of the best girls on campus!
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