The Best Bars on Campus

We visited each of the most popular New Brunswick bars to give you the inside scoop!


Knight Club

Generally a favorite, Knight Club features a dance floor in the back. It can get incredibly crowded, but it’s a blast!


Golden Rail

If you’re turning 21, Golden Rail is a good place to stop because they let you spin a wheel and win a prize!


Scarlet Pub

On the small side, but still a great time! Scarlet Pub even has a dart board you can use. Get there a little early to beat the crowds!


Olive Branch

With great deals at all hours, Olive Branch is a great place WITH SEATS!! After a long night or an easy night out, Olive Branch is a sight for sore eyes (or shall we say, feet?), with multiple seating areas.


Stuff Yer Face

Home of the famous FishBowl, Stuff Yer Face is the best place to go with friends to share one! If you go with less people, they also have a smaller version available too!


Olde Queens Tavern

Ranked in the best bars on college campuses, Olde Queens is always crowded. There’s a grilled cheese place next door that’s perfect to stop at before or after your time in the bar.