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Affordable PALentine’s Gifts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

As Valentine’s Day’s #1 fan, I am a firm believer that this love-centered holiday is not solely for celebrating romantic love. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of basking in the simple joy of pink and red hearts! Whether you have a significant other or not, Valentine’s Day is a precious opportunity to express the love you have for your friends. Reminding your pals that you love them doesn’t need to be costly; it’s the thoughtfulness that makes the gift count! Consider these ideas when planning your PALentine’s Day celebration.

Homemade cards

The most cost-effective PALentine’s gift is a homemade card. Whether you want your cards to be aesthetically pleasing or cheesy, you can get creative with these. For those going the cute route, some simple cardstock or construction paper cut in the shape of a heart is sure to woo your pals! In terms of the silly route, there are plenty of Valentine’s pun-filled memes across the internet, so find your niche and get printing! If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even create your own hand-drawn meme cards.

Personalized playlists

Who doesn’t love a personalized playlist? Typically, we see playlist-making as a romantic labor of love, but who knows our music taste better than our best friends? Taking the time to craft the perfect digital mixtape is an act of love that goes a long way.

Homemade Chocolate-covered strawberries

Homemade chocolate-covered strawberries are a delicacy key to celebrating Valentine’s Day! All you need are some chocolate melting wafers, strawberries, and maybe Cupid’s sprinkle assortment—if you’re feeling fancy. Chocolate-covered strawberries are easy to make and sure to get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit, so express your affection with these love-filled treats!


Chocolates are classic Valentine’s day gifts for a reason: everyone loves them! Target has the perfect mini boxes of chocolates, chocolate roses, and Lindt truffles, all for under $2 each. Head to your local Target and pick up some affordable sweets for all of your pals!

Valentine’s goody bags

Looking to spice up the candy gift route? Try making your own Valentine’s goody bags! All you need are mini cellophane bags and a variety of sweets. Heart-shaped lollipops, conversation hearts, and Valentine’s versions of your favorite candies are the perfect treats to fill the bags. These perfectly-curated goody bags will bring you and your pals back to the nostalgia of elementary school Valentine’s exchanges!

Take some time this Valentine’s season to show your pals that you love them. With a little bit of time and effort, you can melt the candy hearts of those you hold dearest!

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