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A Childhood-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette Guide

Childhood is a time full of play, imagination, and creativity. As children, we felt excited about everything, especially due to the toys we played with and the activities we did daily. Although we are older now, we can still choose to carry our child self in our hearts and make time in our days to incorporate these things into our lives. One way we can still do this is by putting on makeup — one creative activity that allows us to create any look we want to express ourselves. Here are six eyeshadow palettes to help you to relive your childhood and tap into your younger self’s essence!

1. Colourpop Cosmetics: What Dreams Are Made of

Calling all Disney Channel fans, this Lizzie McGuire-inspired palette is the palette for you! Watching Lizzie’s middle school adventures of navigating friendships, school, family and embarrassing moments was a highlight of my daily television watching time. From her cute outfits to her outgoing personality, she truly was one of the coolest TV characters in the early 2000s while still being relatable to the typical teenage girl. Now with this 12-pan palette, you can re-create Lizzie’s bubbly and fun essence with these vibrant colors. There is a nice variety of metallic and matte colors to create your looks. Not only is it nice to wear, but the cover of the palette has a tie-dyed background with animated Lizzie McGuire which can be the perfect keepsake to commemorate Y2K Disney television forever. 

Available at: Colourpop Cosmetics

2. Hipdot: Play-doh super color palette

What do Play-Doh and makeup have in common? You get to create something from your imagination! As soon as the colorful Play-Doh clay would hit my hands, I was excited to use my tools such as the shape cutters or scissors to make different shapes for my creations. Now that we are a bit older, I encourage you to let your eyebrow brushes be your new tool as you play with this 12-piece eyeshadow palette. They come in a variety of bright and light nude tones with matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. Similar to how there are many choices you can make with your Play-Doh, whether you want a neutral or exciting eye look, there are endless looks you can create with this palette. 

Play-Doh Super Color Palette – HipDot

Available at: HipDot

3. Morphe: Morphe x lucky charms make some magical Artistry palette

Sugary breakfast cereals were the best kind of breakfast when we were little… and still are for some! Lucky Charms’ fun-shaped marshmallows made the yummy experience a magical one. Step into the leprechaun’s magical forest with this 18-piece palette and let your eyes “taste the rainbow”. It comes in a variety of shades, including rainbow colors, with shimmery and matte finishes. The best part is that Morphe incorporated the marshmallows in the palettes by designing the shapes into six of the eyeshadow pieces in the exact colors of the real-life marshmallows: pink (heart), red (balloon), green (leprechaun’s hat), yellow (shooting star), blue (moon), and purple (horseshoes). Treat your eyes to a delicious look! 

Morphe x Lucky Charms Make Some Magic Artistry Palette – Morphe

Available at: Morphe Ulta Beauty 

4. Revolution Beauty: Revolution x Bratz Limitless Palette

Chloe! Jade! Sasha! Yasmin! Who was your favorite Bratz girl doll to play with as a child? Each girl had her own style, flair, and personality that showed us how important it is to be true to ourselves. Whether I was playing with the dolls or watching their animated TV series and films, these fashionistas taught me how to be confident in my authentic self. This palette does the same by allowing you to tap into your inner Bratz with its 27 shades of bold colors. They come in foil, shimmer, and matte shades to create versatile looks that show off your true aesthetic and attitude. Play with the Bratz girls once again and let the cool-girl vibes begin!  

Revolution x Bratz Limitless Palette – Revolution Beauty

Available at: Revolution Beauty

5. Too Faced: Teddy Bare Bare It All Eyeshadow Palette

Teddy bears were a staple toy needed as a child. Whether you needed a companion to play with, comfort when sad, or a snuggle partner to sleep with, our teddy bears were the one thing we could depend on to always be there for us. This 14-piece palette comes in matte and metallic finishes to step into the role as the “makeup form” of your teddy bear. It comes in different warm shades of brown, pink, and gold that are perfect for everyday looks or special occasions. Additionally, as you may know, real bears love honey. Too Faced added a yummy touch to the eyeshadow’s formula by making it with Manuka Honey and Cinnamon to make them smell like honey graham crackers! Consider adding this sweet palette to your makeup collection. 

Teddy Bare Bare It All Eyeshadow Palette- Too Faced

Available at: Too Faced Sephora Ulta Beauty


As a child, didn’t you feel a bit cooler when you got to color with the 64 pack of crayons? The unique colors in addition to the standard colors elevated your drawings to a whole other level in your child eyes. Now you can “upgrade” your eyeshadow game with this 64-piece palette and let your eyes replace paper. In a similar fashion to a crayon pack, this palette offers you an assortment of matte and shimmery shades to “color” your eyes with. Whether you want to create a bright, dark, natural, or dramatic look, there’s a color to complement your look for the day. Bring out the crayon artist in you, explore your creativity, and “scribble” away on your eyes! 

Big 64 Box of Crayons Palette – The Crayon Case

Available at: The Crayon Case

I hope these palettes send you a wave of nostalgic vibes and invite you to add some play into your daily routine. Remember, you’re never too old to have fun creating things, exploring what you want, and following your imagination just as you did when you were little! Even as you continue to grow hold on to your childhood favorites and find ways to let them be a part of your life.

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