8 Dream Spring Break Destinations

Always wanted to go on a great Spring Break trip but never had the time? Us too. Check out some of the places that we’d love to go for spring break if we had the chance!



1. New Orleans


Great food, music, and booze what else could a girl ask for?


2. Los Angeles


From Hollywood to Venice Beach, Los Angeles is a great place to be a millennial (and a vegan)


3. Las Vegas


Viva Las Vegas! Must I say any more?


4. Greece


Be a goddess for a week as you visit great historic locations and beautiful beaches


5. Paris


Drinking by the Seine is a must in the city of lights and love


6. London


Fall in love with the sights and the accents


7. Punta Cana


Endless sunny days


8. Miami


Food, booze, and some museums if you want to try to feel cultured


These a just some of daydreams during the cold days but there are so many more places you can go!


Photo Source: Pexels