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The 6 Best Things about Being Home for Winter Break

This semester I was somehow blessed by the exam gods, meaning I had no finals. Papers yes, but finals? Nope. I left Rutgers on a reading day and over a week earlier than most of my friends, which I didn’t mind. I think it’s a universal fact that most colleges turn into very sad, stressful places during exams. However, this stroke of luck means that I’ll be home for an entire 5 weeks this winter – the longest I’ve been home since high school. Although the initial shock of having people tell you what you can and can’t do is a little much at first, being home is good, good, good. Here’s my very biased list of the best things about winter break:

1)Not having to do any schoolwork

If you’re not taking winter classes, then winter break is a time of academic rest for you. Last semester’s classes are over, and next semester’s haven’t started yet. You don’t have to feel the slightest bit guilty about not tackling mountains of homework on a regular basis. Some people will try to convince you that they’re going to get a head start on the material for next semester’s classes over break. They’re not. Don’t believe them. Lies like that are toxic. We must not destroy the sanctity of winter break.

2)Going to your favorite hometown places

While there are tons of places to fall in love with at Rutgers, nothing beats your favorite spots at home. I’ve lived in the same town my entire life, so there are a lot of things I miss about good, old OB when I’m not around. Maybe you’ve been dying to revisit your town’s park, the local bagel shop, or your place of worship. Whatever your favorite places are, getting to spend as much time as you want there for the next month is definitely worth appreciating.

3)Someone always makes sure you take your vitamins

I wish I could sound like the mature adult that I am working on becoming while saying this, but I can’t, so I’ll just say it in the most simple way possible: I hate taking my vitamins. I brought a container of multivitamins with me to Rutgers this semester, and took them exactly 0 times (sorry Mom). Part of me thinks they’re unnecessary and part of me is just lazy and stubborn. But, it’s a different story at home. My mom puts a vitamin on my plate each night at dinner, and makes sure that I take it. Maybe it’s not being forced to take vitamins that I like so much about being home, maybe it’s being surrounded by people who will never stop caring about my well-being no matter how many times I forget to answer a goodnight text.

4)Not setting an alarm clock

I’ve only had to set my alarm clock twice this week. Reaching for your phone to set an alarm at night and then realizing that you don’t have to be awake for any obligation the next morning is one of the best feelings. After a long semester of convincing ourselves that we function perfectly well on approximately 5.5 hours of sleep a night, give your body the rest it deserves. I’ve been getting a solid 9-10 hours of sleep every night since I’ve been home. The body wants what the body wants.

5)You get a break from everyone at school

I have fantastic friends at school (shoutout to JamFam AND BrettFam) that I will certainly miss over break. There are also some people that I won’t miss quite so much. As much as I try to appreciate people for who they are and to see the good in everyone and everything, there are still people I end up needing a break from every once in a while. I think most people feel similarly. Hey, maybe I’m the person you’ve been needing a break from! So this is it, winter break is your chance to take a hiatus from your annoying neighbor or that boy you just can’t seem to get over. Now do yourself a favor and stop thinking about those unpleasant people.

6)Playing with your pets

Home is where the heart is. My heart is where my pups are. Nothing beats a ‘welcome home’ from a furry ball of happiness that you haven’t seen in a couple of weeks. Side note: their love for you might be slightly less unconditional if you spend entire afternoons dressing them up in human clothes.


Sophomore Linguistics major at Rutgers University. Probably currently eating oatmeal.
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