5 Period Products that Help the Earth

Getting your period is never pleasant. Bleeding and cramping are bad enough but the period products that are most commonly used can be bad for our bodies and bad for the environment. Check out some of these sustainable period products that can help you and the environment!


Menstrual Cups

The most commonly known menstrual cup is the Diva Cup but there are a ton of different brands that you can try. These are silicone cups that are inserted into the vaginal canal to catch menstrual blood. It can take a little getting used to but you can leave it in for up to 12 hours. It’s also not the blood bath you’d expect when removing it. You may not want to but you can actually measure how much you are bleeding when using a menstrual cup. This can be especially helpful for women with particularly heavy flows which can be a symptom of a larger problem to talk about with your gynecologist.


Period Underwear

The most commonly known brand is Thinx but there are a ton of other period underwear brands to choose from. These look like regular underwear but have what is basically a reusable pad in them. You can wash them and customize the type of underwear to match how heavy your flow is on any given day of your period. Different brands come in different colors, cuts, and patterns to help you get the perfect pair.


Reusable Pads

If you don’t want to buy new underwear just for your period, you can also get reusable pads. They work just like disposable pads with wings that snap into place around your underwear but you can wash them and reuse them. A lot of reusable pad brands also donate a portion of the cost of the pads to women and girls in need.


Reusable Tampons

It sounds super weird but I promise they’re a thing. Reusable tampons are hard to find ready-made but you can find them on Etsy and a UK brand. But if none of these work for you there are patterns to make your own reusable tampons. The biggest problem with these is that they are difficult to sterilize but if you buy them online they should come with instructions.


Organic Pads and Tampons

If washing your own menstrual blood out of a reusable product isn’t your thing you can try organic pads and tampons. These are usually 100% cotton and are more sustainable and better for your body. You can find them from a variety of sources including Thinx and Sustain Natural. While these won’t help you save money (in fact they can be more expensive than regular menstrual products) they are better for your body and the environment.


Now you can go forth with all of your sustainable menstrual knowledge and make informed decisions about your menstrual health!


All images from Giphy.com