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photo of corn field
photo of corn field
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5 Must-Go Destinations in Central Jersey for Thanksgiving Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Thanksgiving break is the perfect opportunity to unwind, make cherished memories, and explore the beautiful fall foliage of Central Jersey. If you’re a Rutgers student planning to spend the holiday on campus, I’ve got the perfect itinerary for you. To make the most of your Thanksgiving break, here’s a listicle highlighting the best things to do, including Terhune Orchards, New Hope/Lambertville, Princeton (downtown), Duke Farms, and the Franklin bike trail.

terhune orchards “pick your own apples”
  • Apple-Picking Fun: Start your break with a visit to Terhune Orchards, where you can pick your own apples. The crisp autumn air, colorful apple orchards, and the joy of harvesting your own fruit make for a memorable experience.
  • Farm Market Delights: After picking your apples, explore the farm market, where you can find a variety of fresh produce, baked goods, and unique culinary treats. Don’t miss their apple cider and freshly baked pies.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Terhune Orchards is perfect for family and friends. Enjoy pony rides, corn mazes, and live music during the holiday season.
Explore the towns of new hope and lambertville
  • Picturesque Strolls: Take a day trip to the charming towns of New Hope, PA, and Lambertville, NJ. Meander down cobblestone streets, visit unique boutiques, and embrace the serene ambiance by the Delaware River.
  • Scenic Riverside: Enjoy leisurely walks along the Delaware Canal, or take a river cruise to fully appreciate the beautiful riverside scenery.
Discover the Allure of Princeton’s Downtown
  • Historic Elegance: Explore the historic buildings and lush gardens on the Princeton University campus. The iconic Nassau Street offers boutique shops, cozy cafes, and picturesque scenes for your Instagram feed.
  • Art and Culture: The Princeton University Art Museum features a world-class collection of art, including pieces from various time periods and regions.
Embrace all things nature at duke farms
  • Garden Paradise: Duke Farms is a vast estate filled with stunning gardens, natural habitats, and scenic walking trails. Explore the Orchid Range, nature trails, and learn about sustainable farming practices.
  • Family and Friends: Duke Farms is an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts and an ideal place to reconnect with friends and family.
Take a stroll on the Canal state Park Trail
  • Active Adventure: The Franklin Trail, or D&R Canal State Park Trail, offers a flat and well-maintained path alongside the Delaware and Raritan Canal. Enjoy biking or leisurely walks with stunning views of the canal, historic bridges, and abundant wildlife.
  • Nature at Its Best: The trail is a serene escape into nature, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
Jenna Park is a current junior at Rutgers University-New Brunswick double majoring in Journalism & Media Studies and Sociology with a minor in Korean. She enjoys outdoor activities and takes photographs during her free time.