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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

At Her Campus Rutgers, we hosted a Scrapbook & Sip event earlier in the semester and LOVED the supplies we used! These items were perfect for all of our members’ different aesthetics and we’re sure you’ll love them too! Once you have gathered your favorite cardstock, check out these items to get your scrapbook started:

Photos taken at our “Scrapbook & Sip” Event

1. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a staple for any scrapbooking session! These colorful tapes are the perfect accents to add a pop of color. They come in all types of patterns, some even come with gold foil! Washi tapes can be used for a variety of purposes; from denoting bold outlines to creating vibrant mosaics, they’re sure to make a statement. If you are centering your scrapbooking adventures around a certain theme, there are definitely themed washi tapes to look out for. Vintage, floral, and astrology-themed washi tapes are some of our favorites!

2. Stickers

These water bottle stickers are the most ideal for scrapbooking. They are fun and let you express yourself in a quick and easy way! The stickers have a glossy finish and look nice on the scrapbooking paper. They are hassle-free and easy to stick. I love getting ones that have prints of inspirational quotes or foods I enjoy eating! The great thing about these stickers is that you can easily find ones to fit your scrapbook theme or personal interests! One of my absolute favorite stickers that I used for our vision board event has a tea bag on it and says, “Here for the tea.” I highly recommend getting these as a lot of them have cute and relatable sayings!

3. Mini Dictionary Scrapbooking Paper

Logophile – lover of words. If you’re a sucker for vintage decor, typewriter font, all things mini, and *of course* romanticized words, this mini-dictionary set is an absolute must for scrapbooking. This set comes with eight tiny dictionaries (organized by letters of the alphabet), with each page coming with a word and its corresponding definition. They’re easily tearable and make cute, artistic additions to your wall decor and journals. 

4. Color Scheme Washi Sticker Books

These 4 x 6 cm sticker books include conveniently color-coded aesthetic photos you’d see while scrolling through your Pinterest feed. Whether you crave the tender warmth of a yellow hue, the refreshing green color of nature, or the divinely feminine pink, this set will perfectly suit the theme you aim for. This specific pack has 300 stickers, ensuring that you’ll scrapbook to your heart’s content!

5. Photos

The best part of your scrapbook is that it’s a special space where you can creatively document your experiences. Therefore it is a key necessity for your scrapbook to include your photographs! To choose the photos for your page, consider choosing a theme that you want that page to focus on highlighting. It can be difficult to narrow down what photos you want to include but view this as a visual diary. When you look back on this page in the future, what do you want to remember? How do you want to feel? Choose which photos you want your future self to connect with to relive your memories.

Scrapbooking is truly a versatile activity. Some of our members brought their own plastic binder pouch while others made their books by hole punching the pages and tying them together with ribbon. If making a book isn’t your thing, turning a 12 x 12-inch piece of scrapbook paper into a wall collage is a stunning alternative. We hope these recommendations have sparked inspiration for your next artistic endeavor!

Mary Shea

Rutgers '23

Mary is a senior at Rutgers University studying psychology and elementary education. She is passionate about education, feminism, and social justice! She also loves music, her cat, and everything pink!
Zakiya Jones

Rutgers '23

Zakiya is a senior at Rutgers University with a major in Communication specializing in Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations. She is a contributing writer for Her Campus Rutgers and is so happy to be a part of the Her Campus Rutgers team!
Sarah Xiao

Rutgers '22

Sarah is a senior at Rutgers University studying Education with a specialization in English, Communication with a specialization in PR, and Creative Writing. She plans on becoming a language arts teacher, where she can share her passion for writing and studying literature in a middle-school classroom. In her free time, she enjoys journaling, baking, online shopping, watching thrillers and rom-coms, and creating fashion & lifestyle content on Instagram.
Julia Fuchs

Rutgers '22

Julia is a senior at Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences. Academically, she is interested in Egyptian archaeology and art history. Outside of classes Julia loves fashion, coffee, art, music and is a dedicated feminist! Her Campus is a way for her to combine all of her interests in a journalistic setting, and an organization she loves being a part of!
Lily Huang

Rutgers '23

Lily Huang is a senior attending Rutgers University-New Brunswick. She is currently majoring in Cultural Anthropology. In her free time, she loves cooking, painting, and playing with her cats.