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5 Cheap Vacations To Take This Summer

Traveling during the summer is always a must, but it can be hard picking a place when everything seems so expensive. I get it, the plane fare is expensive and hotels for however many days you’re going cost just as much as the plane ticket. Additionally, if you want to travel internationally, conversion rates can be a pain. If you do your research, though, you can find a vacation spot that’ll have you packed and ready to go. There are many places you can visit internationally without breaking the bank.


Cuba recently opened up its borders to American citizens, and it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted! Airfare for a roundtrip ticket is cheap and accommodations are even more affordable. Airbnbs can be booked for $20-50, depending on how nice you want your accommodation to be. Food is also very cheap and a more high-end meal can be purchased for around $12. Cheap housing and meals in combination with warm weather and a beautiful scenic city with history make Cuba a go-to destination.


Although the plane fare is not cheap, it’s well worth it. Staying in hostels is one of the ways to make your stay in Greece affordable at about $20 a night. The food is also cheap, with street food costing around $2 and $10 to eat at a sit-down restaurant. Once you’re surrounded by the clear blue water you won’t regret your decision.


Peru has a lot of history and beautiful scenery to take in that makes this country a great option when you are on a budget. The flight will cost quite a bit but like with Greece, it is well worth it. Besides the flight, all the other expenses won’t cost too much. There are many food and street markets to attend on a daily basis where you can get all of your meals. They also sell other things besides food, making it the perfect place to get souvenirs as well. Some food markets to try out are Mercado Central Arequipa and Mercado Central.

Kingston, Jamaica

A typical hotel package deal to the country definitely costs a pretty penny, but skip out on a hotel plan and opt to go to Kingston, Jamaica. Kingston is the heart of the country being as it’s the capital. A meal there can cost around $5 with a drink. If you’re a music lover there are many music museums, including one for Bob Marley. Remember to be cautious in certain areas, particularly the inner city at night, but don’t let that scare you into visiting this bustling city hub.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai was named the fifth cheapest city in the world to visit in 2018, and with good reason. You can get away with spending $20 a day which includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, and public transportation. There are numerous temples all around the city so check out a temple or two, as well as The San Kamphaeng Road which is known for its pottery Celadon. There’s something for everyone here with beautiful mountainous scenery, lots of food places, and shopping.

Although many of these places include a flight ticket that seems a bit steep, it pays out in the end because you don’t have to spend as much once you get to the country. You’ll save when it comes to finding accommodations and meals. Each of these countries has a lot to offer when you visit, so do your own research and hopefully you’ll be on your way to the vacation of your dreams this summer!


Shannon is a senior attending Rutgers University pursuing a bachelor's degree in Journalism & Media studies. Although she is graduating this May, she will be staying to obtain her Master's degree in Communication Media. With a great passion for everything fashion and beauty, she hopes to be writing for a magazine centered around both. She loves puppies and can often be found in bed binging a k-drama on Netflix!
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