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25 Super-Cute Desk Accessories & Supplies

Buying accessories and supplies for your desk can be one of the most delightful experiences one can undergo. For stationery lovers, there’s something ritualistic in picking a particular set of pens that speaks to you, taking the time to go through a number of different notebooks until you find the perfect one, as well as carefully considering what calendar will be both your capable comrade and loyal companion during your toughest times. For others, an investment in aesthetically pleasing supplies and desk accessories simply results in superb study snaps on Snapchat. Whether you’re a hardcore stationery maniac or simply someone who enjoys a well put-together organized desk, this list is sure to have something that speaks to you.


1. Year-Round Radiance 2017 Desk Calendar 

Count down the days until vacation with a desk calendar that blooms year-round.

Price: $15


2. Peekaboo Folio 

Keep your important documents in a safe place with this cute translucent folder. Plus, it comes with stickers!

Price: $6


3. Seven Year Pen – Namaste Pen


This gorgeous pen will last you a lifetime.

Price: $9


4. Raindrops Magnetic Clipboard, Pad, & Pen

Take notes at your next meeting with this convenient clipboard.

Price:  $13


5. Oxford Classic Maths Set

Work those calculous problems out with this vintage-style maths set.

Price: $9


6. Bear Tape Dispenser

A bear-y adorably tape dispenser to satisfy all your tape needs.

Price: $9


7. Allons-Easy Notebook

This vibrant notebook is the best way to record your thoughts and ideas.

Price: $7


8. Book Lovers’ Scented Soy Candle – Old Books Scent

If you love the vanilla aroma of old books, this candle is perfect for you.

Price: $18


9. Fringe Strong Beautiful Brave Tray

Place your rings and other small accessories on this inspirational tray.

Price: $10


10. Leaf Earphone Cable Organizer

This is a life-changer. No more earphone tangles with this little organizer!

Price: $5


11. Woodland Tails Desk Pad with Sticky Notes

Stay organized with this charming desk pad and sticky notes.

Price: $14


12. The Power Trip – Ticket Stripe in Neon Pink

This has to be the prettiest charger to grace the planet!

Price: $19


13. Post-It Cat Note Dispenser 

Love cats? Then you’ll adore this post-it dispenser.

Price: $6


14. Purple Metal Mesh Desktop Organizer 

This desktop organizer keeps all your documents, letters, and supplies neatly arranged.

Price: $17


15. Milan Sharpener/Eraser Capsule

Erase and sharpen away with this sharpener-eraser hybrid!

Price: $4


16. fieldtrip’s Mousepad

This inspirational mousepad has the ability to brighten up any desk space.

Price: $12


17. Kitty Post-It Sticky Note Bookmarks

The best way to keep track of notable passages and quotes when reading.

Price: $5


18. Oxford 30cm Ruler

This vintage-style ruler can’t measure the amount of tears you’ve cried this year, but it’s still cute!

Price: $3


19. Sticky Note Set- Straight Up Magic

This is the coolest set of sticky notes you’ll ever encounter.

Price: $12


20. Rabbit Mini-Clips

Clip documents together with these adorable clips.

Price: $9


21. Magnetic Notepads – Sweet Succulents Series

Pop these whimsical magnetic notepads onto your mini-fridge to keep track of what you need to restock on.

Price: $10


22. Wallpops Dry Erase Pack

Keep track of your meetings and appointments with these reusable and removable dry erase boards.

Price: $15


23. Telephone To-Do List

Write important phone numbers down on this to-do list.

Price: $7


24. 36 Thank You Cards & Envelopes Set by Note Card Cafe

Send lovely letters to family and friends back at home with this letter set.

Price: $13


25. Good Scribes Pen Set

These blossoming pens can’t wait to help you jot down your thoughts.

Price: $12

Keoni Nguyen is a former undergrad student at Rutgers University and the former Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Rutgers (2018-2019).
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