23 Thoughts About Being Back on Campus

With winter break a thing of the past, Rutgers welcomed its students back to the banks of the Old Raritan last week. These are some of the thoughts we had about being back on campus.

  1. How is winter break over?

  2. I cannot wait to see me friends!

  3. I miss my parents and pets!

  4. I think I’ll probably like all my classes this semester.

  5. Is it nap time?

  6. Ugh now I have to make my own food again.

  7. Wow I missed my friends. So good to be back.

  8. I should do something fun before I get too much work.

  9. Why do I have so much homework already?

  10. That kid just fell asleep in the first class.

  11. Going to class is exhausting. I am definitely going to bed early tonight.

  12. Why do I have to wake up for class?

  13. When is it okay to start skipping class?

  14. Wait I can’t skip. I have to get my education.

  15. This class is so boring but I need it to graduate.

  16. Why is it so cold out? And why does it keep raining?

  17. Why does it feel like a thousand degrees in this classroom?

  18. It’s only been two weeks but I want the semester to be over.

  19. Why have I spent every weekend in the library so far?

  20. Can my cat come visit me?

  21. Are there more people here than before?

  22. The buses are so chaotic.

  23. But it’s good to be home.