The 2018 Summer Shoe Trends to Watch Out For

It's time to step into summer with these trending shoes! These shoes are absolutely ideal for the summer, given that many of them are stylish without sacrificing comfort. Who has time to stress about your sore feet when you have hundreds of pics to pose for, tons of days out with your friends, and internships to sprint for? Here are the shoes that have us totally charmed this summer:



Birkenstocks are an excellent summer sandal. Not only are they super comfortable but they’re also great for your feet. They come in a variety of colors and styles so there is something for everyone.  


PVC Detail

Heels with PVC detail are a fun yet sleek way to complete your summer look. They're easy to pair up with just about everything and appropriate for almost any event (think: weddings, baby showers, nights out with the girls, and date night).


Kitten Heels

Kitten heels have a little boost that flats lack but lack the discomfort and try-hard aura that heels tend to exude.These itty-bitty heels are perfect for days spent in the city and the workplace. ​

Dad Shoes

Want a make a statement? Go ahead and get yourself a pair of Dad shoes. These clunky, eye-catching sneakers are a great way to complete the casual athleisure-wear look.

Strappy Shoes

Straps are all the rage right now! Flats with straps are excellent for nights out and about and picnic dates. On the other hand, scandals with straps are excellent for road trips and sight-seeing.