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10 Autumn Inspired Earrings

Earrings are an easy way to spice up your look, especially when there’s little room to show off your style in a Zoom call. Not only do they help frame your face, but they can also accentuate your eye or lip color, and compliment your outfit. Ranging in different shapes, sizes, and colors, there are many options to choose from! As a starting point, here are some fall-inspired earrings to get you into the cozy season!

  1. 1. Pumpkin Pies

    Who doesn’t love food-themed earrings? These pumpkin pie earrings from Grizzlybeads Shop look absolutely delicious! They even have a dollop of whipped cream on top, adding to the realism of the jewelry piece. This gem will pair nicely with an oversized knit cardigan at a Thanksgiving dinner party. Would definitely recommend purchasing this earring if you or a loved one is a fan of pie!

  2. 2. Acorns

    According to The Balance, acorns symbolize luck, protection, and wisdom in Norse mythology. What better way to carry this good luck charm than in earring form? Soft n Scary’s realistic acorn earrings are a must-have for the fall season, especially for those who want to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic. Pair with a brown monochromatic look, and you’re set to feel confident.

  3. 3. Leaves

    During the autumn, it’s commonly known that leaves change their color and begin to fall down. Imagine if you can wear the leaves on your ears? Now you can with Pepper + Pink Co’s leaf-inspired earrings! This gorgeous boho-influenced statement piece is made of polymer clay and contains hypoallergenic faux gold hooks. Be prepared for compliments when wearing this ombre drop earring.

  4. 4. Pumpkins

    Is it even the fall time if there aren't any pumpkins? Luckily, The Clay Quisit has you covered with their array of pumpkin-inspired earrings. The handmade gems are crafted in small batches, making unique designs that cannot be replicated. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, these earrings are a sure way to spice up your comfy fall outfit!

  5. 5. Mugs

    When the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to drink hot beverages. Popular drinks like pumpkin spice lattes, hot cocoa, or even warm chamomile tea are in order! So, the next time you make your way to a local cafe (or your kitchen), wear these mug earrings from Nomadic Novelties Co. To add a fall flair, the shop added a mushroom design, making the mug have an earthy, boho vibe.

  6. 6. Mushrooms

    Speaking of mushrooms, try out this pair from karmic visions jewelry! The dangling earrings are adorable and are made of glass and stainless steel. Having mushrooms as an accessory piece gives off a slightly witchy vibe, but this witch cares about the environment and equal rights! The trinket will pair nicely with a corduroy dress and black knee-high boots. The dainty earrings would also go well with any cottagecore-inspired outfits!

  7. 7. Scarecrows

    One of the most iconic figures during fall time are scarecrows! These mannequins can be found in farms to scare off birds from eating crops, and in everyday houses as decor to welcome guests into their autumn-themed dwelling. Since many people don’t want to travel (due to the pandemic), an alternative to seeing this autumn icon is through jewelry! Brockus Creations sells these charming scarecrow earrings and they’re perfect for those with the scarecrow blues.

  8. 8. Thanksgiving Platters

    Some may say that these earrings from Twisted Mind By Siefer are obnoxious. I say they are a work of art! Look at how appetizing these earrings appear. The Thanksgiving dinner platter is giving me everything I want on my actual Thanksgiving plate! There’s turkey, biscuit, gravy, corn, beans; what more can you ask for? Wear these earrings with a gingham attire and you’ll be serving Turkey Day fierceness. Why be a snack when you can be a meal?!

  9. 9. "Rainbows"

    For a toned down statement piece, try out these boho-inspired “rainbow” earring studs from Its Little Honey. This warm-toned gem is made out of polymer clay, and it gives off a rustic, vintage look. These earrings pair well with brown neutrals, especially with a pastel orange headscarf or scrunchie. Incorporating this piece within your wardrobe will surely jazz up any outfit for the fall time.

  10. 10. Candy Apples

    These earrings from Lady Loomer are so cute and look tasty too! The earring mimics a candy apple, specifically a green apple covered in rich, golden caramel and sprinkled with chopped peanuts. Unfortunately, it’s not edible, but it looks delightful nonetheless. If you buy these earrings from this store, you can expect to receive a free gift!

There are various types of unique earrings to purchase for the season. Although these suggestions are related to the fall time, one can wear these statement pieces year-round if they choose to do so. Each listed shop offers rare, exceptional earrings, so it’s highly recommended to look through them to see if something catches your eye. But be warned, some of these earrings are selling out fast, so be sure to act quickly!