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Why You Should Attend Rowan’s Job Fair

Today I attended Rowan’s Spring Job Fair and it was a great experience. I recommend every student to go to the job fair at least once in their college career. Below are the pros of why you should attend Rowan’s Job Fair!

  1. It is a great way to connect with possible future employers! At the job fair there were tables set up all across the gym with jobs in human resources, communication studies, social media, the police academy, etc. I went up to one table I was interested in and they asked for my resume! (I recommend bringing your resume). So I gave them my resume and that was a great way to connect with them. It is possible that they might like what they see on my resume and give me a call or email! Even just writing your email down for them is a great way to stay connected with that company!

  2. It can help narrow down your choices of what you want to do when you graduate. For example, if you are a freshman and have no idea what you want to do yet, the job fair can help give you some ideas of what you might be interested in.

  3. The job fair can help improve your communication skills! Even if you go to the job fair and end up not finding a company that interests you, it still is great to communicate with these companies. It helps you practice for when you have future interviews, because, similar to an interview, you must also stay professional at the job fair! As well as dress professional too!

  4. Lastly, it can help you decide if you want to continue your education. As well as companies, there were graduate schools at the job fair. Graduate school may be a possibility for some, so it is important to be able to find out as much information as you can for your possible choices after leaving Rowan!

In conclusion, the Job Fair was a great experience. Not only does it help you connect with companies, but it guides you in the right path for after you graduate Rowan and it provides students with very helpful information. Overall, I highly recommend going to the job fair!

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