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Why Cuffing Season is Overrated

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.

Cuffing Season: During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed. –Urban Dictionary 

Otherwise defined as:

Cuffing Season: Literally the worst thing ever.” -Me 

It’s cuffing season. ‘Tis the worst time of the year. It’s the time where everyone you know finds love and you’re suddenly aware of the empty hole in your life. If life was a Hallmark movie I would be the bitter girl who finds love during cuffing season against all odds. Actually, if life was a Hallmark movie I would be the quirky best friend who roots the main character on. Truth aside, life isn’t a romance and I’ve yet to find anyone to love during cuffing season. Which, in turn, makes me dread this time of year.  A bigger person would rise above their feelings.They would realize that cuffing season is just a trend made by lonely souls. But I’m not a bigger person. As I look into my Grinch sized heart I realize that I hate cuffing season. With a passion. 

First of all it makes no sense. I get the point of cuddling and staying inside with a person is an attractive idea. I’m lonely not blind. But if I’m being honest I could make a pillow fort with anyone. I could have a platonic cuddle session with any of my friends.  Not just someone that I’m trying to love because society told me to. If I had to choose between cuffing and cozy season, I would cozy. Hanging out with someone I enjoy is a lot better than running towards someone for the sake of it. 

If I’m being honest it’s not looking for a match that bothers me. I think everyone has the right to search for love. It’s the pressure that kills me. It’s the same type of urgency that you feel during the summer to have the adventure of a lifetime. It makes no sense that a change in weather should radically change your life. But for some reason it still gets to me. As I fumble through dating, tinder and other romantic pursuits it takes me awhile to realize that cuffing season is overrated. The problem is that cuffing relationships aren’t built to last. This is perfect if you are looking for nothing serious. But, most of the time people don’t understand that their bae is just a fling. That is until break up season happens. It’s just a waste of my time in my opinion. So instead of cuffing this cold season I’ll find love in the relationships that I have. 


Destiny is currently enrolled in Columbia University's MFA Writing program. She is a national writer at Her Campus and the former editor-in-chief of Her Campus Rowan. She likes thrifting, romance novels, cooking shows, and can often be found binging documentaries.