What Would Elle Woods Do?

In times of trial within my school years, I tend to look back to the heroes of my youth. Many people come to mind; my parents, grandparents and historical figures. But lately, one person stands out in my mind more than others.

Elle Woods. That’s right. When I’m in trouble I think to myself, “What would Elle Woods do?”

Yes, I know she’s a fictional character, but she’s genuinely the type of person that I aspire to be someday. She’s kind, intelligent, unique, and unapologetically feminine. In both a world and a university filled with people who wanted her to assimilate, she refused to budge. At the end of the day, she found the courage to succeed while being herself.

Of course many would argue that her intentions weren’t initially inspiring. She followed a boy to Harvard. She wanted to get married. But, it’s vitally important to mention that she wasn’t told that she could be anything other than beautiful. Her parents, her friends, and the world told her that she could steer one way and she did. But, as soon as Elle realized that the “love of her life” wasn’t worth the effort she took life by the straps of her heels and inspired girls everywhere. Elle worked on her education to prove her disbelievers wrong. She gritted her teeth and bared four years of hell until she proved herself to be worth the world over. And that’s why I adore her. She’s one of the few female characters who is allowed to have her femininity and be bad ass for it.

So when I have a problem in school I think about Elle Woods. She didn’t give up after she was mocked, ridiculed, underestimated and shunned. She would face whatever problem she has with grace and poise unlike the world has ever seen before.

I think that’s a pretty good example to lead by.