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What is so Special About Special Education

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Glassboro, N.J. - Student Council For Exceptional Children, College of Education, the Pediatric Club and Rowan University Osteopathic Medicine presented information, about accommodating people with disabilities in James Hall. Sarah Barner the President of SCEC gave a presentation explaining quotes that were being misused in T.V. shows in order to describe a person with disability.

“Students are in college and they are still using the “R” (retarded) word to define someone. Special Education is a way for students to learn their strengths and figure out how to use them.”

People should acknowledge others who have disabilities because it is the best way to educate someone.

“If you’ve met one person with autism...you’ve met one person with autism.”

Rowan SOM (School of Osteopathic Medicine) students gave information about the different medications children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. Children can be treated with behavior therapy, but also need pharmacotherapy as well.

Hollis a third year student said, “We want to know if the IEP’s are working for you educators and college students who work in the classroom with children. Parents are always concerned and do not want their children on medication.”

Lauren explained the different types of medications children with ADHD take and students and teachers should be aware of the children’s actions. Ritlin is a common medicine taken starting at the age of six. Methyphenidate is the most common used drug that has been approved by FDA for ADHD in children. The side effects of Ritlin are headaches, nausea, anxiety, agitation and restlessness. This is why children fall asleep in class at random times because of the medication that is prescribed to them.

The other medications stated were Alderol and Stratera. Stratera is used for children who have substance abuse problems, which can increase suicidal thinking.

For more information contact: Sarah Barner (SCEC) barners0@students.rowan.edu Faculty: Dr. Vitalone-Raccaro, Dr. Sheppard, Dr. Kaari

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