What I Want this Holiday Season

I know no one probably cares, but here's a go to guide of some thing's I'd like this holiday season. Sometime people ask and it might be helpful to have a resource in one spot. Plus, you might find some ideas for the people on your list. 


A donation to any fund supporting marginalized people, conservation, and environmental research is a thoughtful gift for the more socially inclined people on your list. Choosing an organization that really embodies their interests and concerns could show that you really listen. Personally, I'd also love a donation to the Singularity Press startup right here at Rowan. 


If a regular gift isn't your speed, you can give someone an experience. I think these are usually more memorable and can be a lot more fun. Get your friend concert tickets they've been wanting or take them to see their favorite comedians. You could also use a site like groupon to find unique opportunities to take a segway tour or participate in a rope course. 


I actually bought 17 books just the other day, but I'm always looking for new ones. I keep a list of ones I want, but I also like when people choose something that make them think of me. Always remember: everyone likes books as long as you can find the right one. If you think your reader already has every book, try to find a special edition of one of their favorites.