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Voter Registration Drive

Are you ready for November 6th?  The presidential election is right around the corner; whether, you are a Romney, Obama or independent advocate the big day to vote is approaching quickly. You still have time to decide who you are going to vote for but first you need to register and it’s easy!

This is the first year that The New Jersey United Students and Glassboro Student Union are joining together to do a voter registration drive in the Chamberlain Student Center until Tuesday October 16th.  Whether you need to register to vote, fill out an absentee ballot, or if you are already registered and need to change your name or location, they can help you out. Currently, already over 500 Rowan students have registered through this program. 

According to Rachel Storch, sophomore political science major and a member of the Glassboro Student Union and New Jersey United Students programs, thinks, “this is a great way to register people to vote, if they see other students trying to get people to become civically engaged they are more likely to do so.”

It is especially important that college students vote during this upcoming election because there is a portion of the ballot, called the Building Our Future Act, concerned with providing New Jersey public schools with $750 million, which Rowan would get a percentage of. 

Alyssa Cooney felt that, “they were very nice and helpful when I went to sign up.  I am already registered but I didn’t know how to set up an absentee ballot but they helped me out.  Having a table set up right in the student center will definitely increase the number of students who vote.”

Storch described the New Jersey United Students as, “a statewide coalition of all the public universities in New Jersey [which] fights for higher education reform,” and the Glassboro Student Union as, “a coalition of different clubs on campus that works to better Rowan and help students get more engaged on campus.” If anyone is interested in joining the Glassboro Student Union, they can go to the meetings on Sundays at 5:30 in room 129 in the student center or visit the Facebook page.

On November 6th if you are registered to vote in Glassboro you can conveniently vote at Glassboro High School.  Also, remember every vote counts!

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