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The Two Weeks Before Finals (As Told By Michael Scott)

Oh, the horror that is the time between Thanksgiving break and winter break. When you hit two weeks before finals, everything becomes crunch time. If you are a college student, you’ll know these feelings all too well.

When your professors decide to overload you with information in the little time you have left of the semester.


When you look at the projects and assignments you put off, convincing yourself you had more time to do them.


When you are filled with dread and sadness at all moments of these two weeks.


When your professors try to give you more assignments before the semester ends.


When your parents ask you how you’re doing and you’ve gotta be cool.


When you realize you are spending your entire life in the library trying to study.


When it’s finals week.


When you try to convince yourself you are smart and can ace your finals.


When you read through your notes and question what you’ve actually learned.


When you sit down and look at the first page of your final.


When you finish one final and realize you have many more to go.


When finals week is FINALLY OVER.


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