Stages of Attending a Concert

Stages of Attending a Concert

I have been fortunate enough to attend quite a few concerts in my life, ranging from artists I barely knew to artists I would DIE for. Fortunately, all of the concerts I have gone to have been fun and I’ve really enjoyed myself, no matter how stressful it was getting there or leaving. Regardless of the concert, there are certain stages that you go through, from the moment you purchase a ticket to the next morning having to explain to everyone why you don’t have a voice. For those of you who haven’t been to a concert yet- first off, YOU HAVE TO GO TO ONE! It is an experience like no other and something you will remember for the rest of your life. What I’m about to detail is what you have to look forward to. For those of you who have already been to a concert, I know you will be able to go through and remember when you were experiencing each of these feelings. 


It’s Official!

It may start with a conversation with your bestie, seeing an announcement on social media, or deciding to look up if that certain artist is coming to town. You look at your bank account and decide if you can really afford this right now, and make sure someone else is going with you. Eventually, the potential for an unforgettable night outweighs the dip you’re taking into your savings account. Once you hit that “purchase ticket” button, it's official- you’re going to see them! Sometimes you buy the ticket months in advance, weeks, or just a couple of hours before. Regardless, this is when the countdown begins. 




Today's the Day

Finally, the day has arrived- the concert is finally here! More likely than not it will be at night, so you have the day to get ready, pick out your outfit, and firm out your travel plans. Once it is time to leave, that’s when the first real pangs of stress and anxiety can set in. You may have never been to the venue before, forgot to buy parking tickets, or left later than you originally planned to. It is not always the most calming experience getting to the concert, waiting in the security line, trying to find your seats, etc. The stress will be well worth it once the lights begin to dim and the first song begins. 

True Euphoria

Finally, your artist/band is on stage and begins singing. This feeling hits when your favorite song comes on- that one you have been waiting to hear live for what feels like forever. It may be the first song, the very last, or right in the middle when you least expect it. When you hear the first few chords play and realize what you are about to hear, your entire body is covered in goosebumps and you forget everything else that’s happening in your life except what you’re experiencing right then and there. There is absolutely nothing like it. 

PCD (Post Concert Depression)

Unfortunately, the concert can’t last forever. Eventually, they have to get off stage, and you’re left with facing the reality of the epic journey it will now take to get home as hundreds and thousands of other people are leaving as well. Driving home, you and your bestie will exchange your favorite parts and jam to their songs some more before passing out the second you get into bed. The next morning, you probably won’t have a voice and your ears might still be ringing, but it will have all been well worth it. You will reminiscence for weeks after, looking back at the videos and pictures and barely being able to believe it actually happened. Once you have experienced an amazing concert, you’re going to want to keep going to as many as possible- which can be quite dangerous on your wallet! I promise it is well worth the cost to be able to feel as free and happy as you ever have.