The Reusable Products I Use Daily

I have been sneaking around the reusable products realm and sustainable lifestyle for a couple of years now. Just slowly dipping my toe into the deep water, testing it out. I have a difficult time fully emerging myself into a new trend or lifestyle because I am cautious of the monetary commitments I would have to make, so I typically do my research and take some time to explore the logistics of these exciting, new avenues. And, as I have said, the sustainable lifestyle is one of those. I first stumbled across Lauren Singer, the founder of the company Package Free, as well as the woman who is known for filling five years of trash into one mason jar, pretty impressive. My gradual transition into obtaining reusable products has been a lot easier than expected as I found there are growing resources for those wanting to adopt this lifestyle. Here’s a list of the reusable products I try to use daily (I emphasize “try” to point out that there is no perfect way to adopt this lifestyle, as long as you try your best, you are successful).

  1. 1. Bamboo Toothbrush

    Tooth Brush Toothpaste

    A more sustainable alternative to a plastic toothbrush!

  2. 2. Metal tea tin

    Breakfast tea with flowers and strawberries

    With this product I am no longer throwing out paper and plastic tea containers.

  3. 3. Wire mesh tea infuser

    person pouring coffee

    Say no to single-use teabags with microplastics!

  4. 4. Metal straws

    fruit smoothie in glass with metal straw

    Plastic straws seem to be everywhere, but you can also carry these anywhere

  5. 5. Reusable water bottles

    drinking from water bottle on beach

    This is one of the easiest switches out there! Totally worth it!

  6. 6. Reusable lunch/snack containers

    three glass dishes sit side by side on the counter full of colorfully arranged veggies

    These containers are easy to clean and are a great gift

  7. 7. Cloth bags

    The Lalafloral Purse

    This types of bags are a lot cuter than plastic ones


 “How I Fit 5 Years of My Trash in This Jar”  Founder: Lauren Singer

Her Youtube channel and blog go by the same name, “Trash is for Tossers”, and I highly recommend checking out the products and tips she has to offer!