Orgasm for the Cause!

The mantra of 1960’s feminists, “The personal is political,” resonates in our current culture with the epitome of the personal: sex. Sex and sexuality are intensely tied to gender equality. When we look at current views of sex and what is normalized for women, we discover the value society places on women and their rights to pleasure.

The definition of sex itself can show the attitudes of our culture towards female sexuality. According to Merriam Webster or The Oxford English Dictionary, sex is defined as sexual intercourse, or more commonly, penis in vagina. This common view not only negates sex for the  LGBTQQIA+ community, but also denies women pleasure in heterosexual intercourse.

This definition of sex makes us question who sex is for. For example, if, in a heterosexual relationship, only the man orgasms through intercourse, it is still considered sex regardless of whether or not the woman orgasms. Additionally, when does society tell us sex is over? When the dude comes? C’mon now. Women can orgasm near an infinity of times in a row and sex could occur without the woman coming once!

Similarly, in a sexual relationship between two women when both women orgasm, the act may not be considered sex. Through this definition, women’s pleasure is simply out of the criteria for sex.

By limiting the definition of sex to a male perspective, society has valued heterosexual male pleasure over female pleasure. By changing the view of sex to include the necessity of pleasure for all partners, women are not only given a voice, but also are in control of their bodies. Women who have the power and right to ask for and receive sexual power become human in an act in which they were originally objectified for men’s sexual use. This power translates from sex to other aspects of life, including increased confidence and entitlement to intrinsic human rights.

“How do I put this theory to practice?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Go spend some ~*sexy*~ times with a partner, vibrator, or even your hand. Just be safe and have fun! ;-)