Notice the Little Things

The weather that day was silent.

No crunch from the leaves that had fallen,

No splashes from a nearby puddle.


As if the day was calling for someone's attention.


The weather that day was bitter.

It had rained heavily days before,

But not today.

No puddles were left.



The silence of that day was caused by the weather.

It had snowed, forcing the world to hush.

Snow brought peace to a broken community.

Snow brought a blank slate, calling to you to start over.

It created everyday workers into home-bodies.


Nothing. Is what people describe as the forecast.

The weather is mother nature to some.

The weather is a study to most.

The weather is based on a groundhog's shadow to a few,

The silence was to those who stop and listen to it’s stillness.


The snow piled on vehicles urging others to help each other.

It covered the graffiti streets in white, allowing others to paint a new picture.

It may have just been a storm,

It may have been a breakthrough the world needed.

But that's the thing about weather,

It’s always changing.