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Last year, I was super into matte lipstick, mainly for their longevity. I loved being able to drink a glass of wine or eat some french fries without any transfer of color. But, that only lasted for about 15 minutes.  Soon after application, my lips would feel dry and chapped, leading to a very uncomfortable night. I was insecure of my lipstick crumbling or my lips looking crusty instead of kissable. All around, not fun. 

So, this spring, I decided I was going to try lip gloss- and I HATE lip gloss. No matter the type, the color transfers quickly, it is unbearably sticky, and the color never stays inside my lip line.  

Then, Heaven opened up and smiled down on me. My guardian angels (AKA Buxom Cosmetics) sent us VA-VA-PLUMP™ SHINY LIQUID LIPSTICK in WINE ME. 

It’s both a long lasting liquid lipstick and a lipgloss— not to mention a lip plumper!  The application is so easy! Even without a liner, the color stayed in the lines. While the color is great, my favorite part is the formula. It isn’t sticky, my lips felt moisturized and nourished, it lasted FOREVER, and, this is the best part, it has a minty tingle to it! 

Get yours here in all of its gorgeous colors!


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