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Move In Mayhem

Move in Mayhem

                Ah that back to college mayhem! Remembering to buy all your textbooks and notebooks for class. Packing up all your clothes, blankets, and belongings to move in to a brand-new dorm with new roomies. It is all part of the typical college experience. But, no one warns you that it is truly manic.

                What if you did not get enough notebooks? What happens if your textbooks are running late and you need them for your 8am tomorrow? Never fear! This article is to help you find the best bargains for anything last minute you may need or have forgotten back at home.

                First and foremost, for folders, notebooks, and binders, Staples is the place to go. Up through the second week in September, Staples runs a ridiculous sale where you can get notebooks for a penny and folders for 50 cents. You can also find patterned notebooks and folders cheaper, no more than $2 during the sale. In addition, if you want to be preppy and cool, they have the ARC system starting at $10.99. (Staples) The ARC planner is a sturdy, customizable planner for every college student. It has inserts for contacts, different kinds of calendars, as well as notebook inserts and dividers. It is the all-inclusive notebook/planner. I have two personally so I can tell you they are the best things ever.

                Now that you have all your school supplies, you spilled Starbucks on your brand new first day of class shirt. You don’t have class until 11 am but only have an hour and a half now until you have to be there. Well, shoot on over to either Target in Mantua or to the Deptford Mall (straight shot down Delsea Drive) because both have outstanding door buster sales. At the beginning of September, Boscov’s has their jeans marked down to $9 and up to $15. In addition, you can get blouses and other cute accessories for up to 50% off most days. (Boscovs)

                Target also runs excellent deals. They offer many of the same sales and even go into discounts on footwear. Target also runs nice sales on food to fill up that college dorm fridge or kitchen so you do not have to constantly blow money on eating out. Save a little and shop around. Couponing is also a great way to save on all your back to school needs.

                Whatever you run into this semester, know that there are plenty of great deals around campus and within the nearby towns to help you out when you need it. Good luck and welcome to Rowan!

Hello! My name is Morgan and I am a senior history major at Rowan! I am a huge nerd and am pretty much into anything and everything academic or nerdy. I love to write and draw and read. 
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