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I Tracked my Calories Intake for One Week and Here’s What Happened

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.

I could not believe I was clicking the download button on “MyPlate,” but there I was! Until now, I never had to worry about how much I ate or what I ate because I lived at home. My parents were in charge of my food, meaning I barely paid any attention to what entered my body. My meals were structured, so I only ate a certain amount of food at particular moments of the day. Once I hit college, that all changed.

Now, I’, completely on my own; nobody was watching what I ate and when I ate it. Sure, I walked more, but that “exercise” could not keep up with the amount of burgers, pizza, chocolate, and chicken tenders I was incessantly consuming. Rapidly, I began to gain weight. My roommate and I both decided to join the gym, so we could combat the looming “freshman 15.” It felt great to exercise again, but my unhealthy eating habits were still getting the best of me.

Over winter break, I had a regular doctor’s appointment, where she informed me of how much weight I had gained since the previous year. Yikes! Combined with this, I also had to get tested for my cholesterol; my father’s side has a history of heart issues and high cholesterol. I learned that it was slightly higher than it should be for my age. I decided then that I had to change this semester, so I could feel more confident with myself again.

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My first step was downloading a calorie/food tracker; I chose “MyPlate.” I thought that if I began writing down everything that I was eating, I would have to be more conscientious of what I was eating and what was in the foods I’m eating. I could learn more about calorie intake, what foods I am eating too much of and what I am lacking in my diet, and overall just get a better sense of how to handle my relationship with food.    The first two-three days I found myself pulling out my phone often to keep logging in what I was eating, snacking on, and drinking. I realized how many calories I was eating and was beginning to realize how to pace myself throughout a day.

After I reached the halfway point of my tracking, I began feeling inspired by my little app. I would try my hardest to only eat good food and get to the gym as often as possible. I was always checking the labels and nutrition facts before I ate something and tried to drink as much water as possible. Even my friends were becoming curious about their foods as well. We would grab a plate of pasta for dinner and as I recorded it in my app, they would ask me how many calories were in it. I was helping the people around me too learn more about the foods that they were eating.

   By the end of the first week, I have been feeling much more aware and smarter about the choices I make concerning my health. My roommate and I are still hitting the gym consistently, and I have been curbing my desires for unhealthy foods. Sure, I’ll mess up here and there, maybe skip a few days of exercise, but I am taking small steps towards creating a healthier lifestyle for myself. I know this may not have been the most thrilling article to read, but I hope if someone is feeling the same way I do, I can give them some hope. College is a time for great change in your life, to start with a clean slate and create something great for yourself. Making healthy choices when eating and exercising daily are key factors to creating a new, happy life for yourself!




Tyra Gwalthney is a Junior Dual Major in Law and Justice and Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management in the Honors Concentration. Alongside HerCampus- and being a HerCampus Trendsetter- she also is the Vice President of the Animal Advocacy Club, and enjoys volunteering as often as she can. She loves dogs, summer, the beach, and anything involving chocolate. Want to chat? Email: gwalthnet0@students.rowan.edu