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“I didn’t know that was thrifted…”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.

Something I find a lot of people are self conscious about when they begin shopping at thrift stores is the idea it is  “cheap” or “dirty.” Though this is something I got over long ago, these are valid concerns especially if your sense of style is more put together and less eclectic.

That being said, this post is setting out to prove that there are many items out there that people will respond to hearing you bought it at a thrift store with an “I didn’t know that was thrifted.”

In these moments their surprise will probably make you feel pretty good, and make them think you’re pretty cool. Although jeans tend to be more difficult to find at thrift stores that don’t look vintage, it is doable. Though, jean shopping for non-vintage denim generally results in brand shopping and seeking out modern brands you are already familiar with.

That’s also a good technique when looking for thrifted shirts that don’t reveal their thrifted nature, though isn’t always necessary. I usually gravitate more towards fabrics because I find the cut of shirts has not changed too much over the years.

If you do decide what you’re more self conscious about is the brand itself and not the used nature of the clothing items, it is completely possible to find name brand items at fractions of their retail value. For that type of shopping, the focus will really be going through the racks of clothes, looking at each piece individually, and reading its’ tag. Though time consuming, you do find some great items and at the end of the say, save a whole lot of money.


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