How to Get Organized

I don’t want to brag but organizational tools is my forte. I know that it sounds nerdy but I love being able to keep my life functional by using organizational tools. For the most part I picked up a lot of my tips from friends around me.After, I Frankensteined these tips to make a monster of an organizational repertoire. 

  1. 1. Use Google Calendar

    I have to thank my friend Gianna for this tip. She showed me Google Calendar during the summer and it has revolutionized my life. Using Google Calendar I’m able to schedule out my day by the minute. Knowing my day to a tee helps me manage my time efficently. 

  2. 2. Schedule Time to do Homework

    After using Google calendar for a while I realized that having scheduled homework time every week helps me a lot. Personally I like to have all of my homework done at the beginning of the week so I can focus the rest of my time on extracurriculars and studying.

  3. 3. Use Sticky Notes!

    I used to hate the idea of sticky notes. I thought that they were a waste of paper and honestly annoying to have around. However, as I became busier throughout the year I realized that having little reminders was necessary. Sometimes I’ll stick notes on my laptop, desks or tv to be sure I get things done.

  4. 4. Use to do lists

    I think that to do lists are one of the best things that you can use for organization. It’s nice being able to have everything that you want to get done on a piece of paper. Checking something off a list is so gratifying that it makes me more productive.

  5. 5. Schedule Time for Fun

    I think that people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to their schedule. There’s so many people who think that they can only have their minds on school for the whole week. However, people weren’t meant to only work. Within your schedule you have to take a little bit of time for yourself to do whatever or whoever makes you happy.

  6. 6. Make Fake Deadlines

    I got this tip from Rachel Barton’s article, it’s a little trick where you give yourself an earlier deadline so you can be more productive. I print out my syllabuses and physically cross out deadlines so I can’t lie to myself outright. However, by the due dates I’ll write a prefered date to get an assignment done. It allows me to have a bit more time to edit and perfect my assignments.

  7. 7. Be Strict with Yourself

    One of the most important things that you can do is be strict with yourself. You can have all of the organisation tools in the world but it doesn’t matter if your not willing to put in the work in.

Happy organizing everyone!