Hot Take: I Hate Fall

It's that time of year again! The air starts getting colder, the leaves begin changing colors, everything smells and tastes like pumpkins, and everybody is relieved to be getting away from the blistering summer…well, almost everyone. As crazy as this may sound, I truly am not a fan of the fall season AT ALL; I am a summer girl through and through. I know I could never make such an egregious accusation against fall without some reasoning behind it, so here are my reasons as to why fall is really not as great as everyone makes it out to be. 

Baby, It's Cold Outside 

I know that not everybody loves the blistering heat like I do, but I just can never fathom how anybody enjoys being cold. The bitter air and winds just never seem to allow me to feel comfortable, no matter how many scarves or blankets I’m wearing. I wake up miserable because I’m forced to leave my warm bed and embark on the journey from my dorm to my class. I am not motivated whatsoever to do anything except lay in bed and watch Netflix.

Dead as a Doornail 

Although I could never dispute the fact that the leaves changing colors is not a gorgeous sight, fall, to me, indicates death. Death of the warm weather, death of bugs, death of vegetation, and death of nature. Animals hide away, so when you walk outside there are no noises. You cannot hear any birds, cicadas, or people sitting outside and having fun. Everyone just walks quickly to their destinations, heads down and scowls on their faces. It is eerie and just sad to not hear anything when you leave your house and makes the outdoors miserable. 

Bring on the Boredom

There are so many summer activities that just can’t be done once the weather turns cold: kayaking, surfing, swimming, biking, running, and fishing. Yes, I’m sure you can argue there are alternatives to all of these activities, but is there really a comparison to swimming indoors to swimming in a pool outside with all of your friends? If you’re anything like me, it is so much harder to find the energy to exercise in the cold, and I end up putting on weight. 

Days of Darkness

The last point that I will make is that beginning in the fall, there is less daylight in each day, making it so much harder to get things done. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate having any plans in the evening, because its already pitch black outside before 6pm! It makes you so much less motivated to do anything at night because your body feels like it’s already time for bed. 

I know that these are all my own opinions, and that I am sure there are some really cool things about the fall and winter seasons. For me, the fall is a time for mourning, so if you need me I’ll be looking at pictures of beaches and wishing for the summertime already.