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Guy Advice Column: Telling a Guy You Aren’t Into Them

Telling someone you’re not into them seems like an incredibly difficult act. No one wants

feelings hurt or names called. We always hope it goes smoothly and everything ends on a

good note. Most times, that’s not the case. Since it may not go well, the most important

thought to remember is the sooner you tell someone, the better.

Let’s say a guy is texting you and you don’t want to advance things any further than they are.


You have the option of lying about being busy until he catches on. The option of just flat out

ignoring him. Or, you can tell him the truth at that moment and potentially hurt their feelings.

I’m willing to bet most people would choose option one or two. Deep down you want to say

you would do option three, but most likely would do the others. Let’s reverse the role though.

If you were into someone, wouldn’t you want them to tell you the truth? Wouldn’t you want

someone to honestly tell you the truth instead of stringing you along? Truths have been



A lot of guys love the chase. Trying to impress a girl and making her swoon are challenges

men love to accomplish. The worst is when we find out our efforts were for nothing. If a girl

isn’t straight with how she feels about the guy, we feel cheated. That’s why it’s better to tell a

guy you’re not into him as soon as you can. There’s no real good time to tell him. Anytime will

work, unless his grandmother just died, then you might want to hold off. Other than those type

of circumstances, a guy will at least appreciate the fact you told him sooner rather than later.

Letting him linger in that zone where he thinks he has a chance is one of the worst things a

girl can do to a guy. No matter what the situation is, if it’s suggestive texting, the end of the

date, or even the day after hooking up, just tell him.

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