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Guy Advice Column: How Guys Talk About Girls to Their Friends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.


Most people love talking about someone they like; even if they like them only a little bit. Of course, no one tells random strangers, so they seek their friends. As we know from 90’s TV, girls are notoriously known for talking to their friends about guys they like and going crazy about it. What about the guy on the other end? You might wonder what he’s thinking or if he’s as excited as that girl. While most guys do talk about girls they like to their friends, it’s a little different.


When a guy thinks he met a girl that had the possibility of being more than just a friend, he may not go to his friends right away. Sometimes, guys will wait until something bigger than talking happens. If they do talk to their friends about her, it’s nothing too descriptive. “I was talking to a girl today, she seemed pretty cool. Might try to see if it goes anywhere. Yes, she’s hot.” That’s a general way a guy would talk to his buddy about a girl he just met. Most guys don’t want to make a big deal out of something that just happened. Unless the guy had feelings for her before, then it reaches the next level.



When something is a little more serious, guys will tell most of their close friends about it. It’s almost like a preliminary test to see if his friends are accepting. Skipping over the crude portion of a guy describing this girl, (Yes, that is almost always one of the first things we talk about,) most guys act almost identical to girls. Guys will talk about why this girl is awesome, why he wants to see her, his plans for impressing her; it’s all part of guy talk. Guys will show his friends pictures of the girl and point out things that would impress his friends or show why they would work together. “Dude, she wears flannels all the time and I also wear flannels all the time. Is that not perfect?”


Us guys can get just as giddy as the girls in those 90’s shows when talking about the person we like. To get to that level however, the guy has to have more than just a conversation or two with a girl. If he plans to ask her out or she at least seems really, really great he will be excited and want to talk about it with his friends.