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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.

Back in 2015, when I was a college freshman, I began a four-year long investigation. My roommate and I had a striking realization in our encounters with men, and it’s time that we report on our findings. Before we start, think about the biggest player you’ve ever encountered in your dating life. Now answer this question….what kind of phone did he have?

In our experiences, we noticed the boys that had iPhones were always the ones to send the “You up?” messages, steer away from relationships, and string us along. On the other hand, however, our experiences with Android users were very different. The Android users we talked to were nice guys. Even our own boyfriends at the time had Androids. It all made sense. The “come over;)” and “Pics?” messages always come in those blue iMessage bubbles.

After talking the other day, we realized our theory still applies. Although this doesn’t apply to all men, we definitely noticed a correlation in our experiences. After inquiring with other collegiate females, their experience with male Apple users was extremely similar to ours.

You may be wondering what men think of this. According to a male I know, he completely agrees! Shocking, right? Well here’s why. “Men are concerned with how they look because they are trying to impress women the best they can. iPhones give the image of luxury lifestyle. The people that worry about that stuff are usually the boys that play games,” he says.

Now we must synthesize our findings. Why is this the case? Is it that the majority of boys have iPhones and also the majority of the boys are looking for “nothing serious?” My co-worker told me she thinks it is because iPhones are a part of popular culture and people that want to conform are more conscious of their image. Is this superficiality? If it is, does this create superficial behavior in their interactions with women?

I’ll leave it up to you to decide. I suppose there is no right answer. I’m not sure if there is a correlation or causation. The next time a boy hits you up with one of the classic text messages we all roll our eyes to, ask yourself: Green bubble or blue bubble?


Madison is an elementary education and literacy studies major at Rowan University. Besides writing for Hercampus and being a Hercampus Trendsetter, Madison is the president of the Eta Psi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, vice president of Rowan's Circle K club, and an Admissions Ambassador. Her hobbies are reading, writing, painting, and drawing. Her favorite things to write about are dating, beauty, and literature.