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Five Sex Positions You’ll Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is definitely a day to cherish your loved one; to spoil them with gifts, chocolates, drinks, and sex… lots and lots of sex. And rather than the boring missionary positions and half-assed dirty talk, here are some ways for you and your partner to connect on a deeper level.

The Life Jacket

For this position, put your legs over your man’s shoulders (where a life jacket would go) while you are laying on your back. This allows for deep penetration, hitting your g-spot in all the right places.


This one is especially fun. Get on your hands and knees so that the guy can get behind you to do all the work. It provides a new angle and more fulfilling penetration.


When you both get tired from all of your wild sex and need a break, lay on your side in front of him as if you two are spooning. It keeps the action going and is very intimate.

Flat Iron

This is like doggy but modified. It’s easy to accomplish if the couple starts out in the doggy position, and then collapses onto the bed so that the girl is flat on her stomach with her hips arched up and the guy is on top.


Backwards Cowgirl (Rodeo)

So we all know cowgirl, a position in which the girl is on top of the guy, sitting up like she is riding a horse. However, backwards cowgirl, or rodeo, is when the girl does the same thing only turned around so that a guy has full view of her backside (and the guys certainly love the view)!

Stay safe and get freaky ;)


(All images from https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/45-sex-positions-guys-should-know/slide/33)


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