Hey Profs! 

As most of you probably know, last night - February 26th 2016 - the Office of Student Activities along with Rowan After Hours and Student University Programs put on a grand bingo night, called Fill Pfleeger. The objective of the night was to fill Pfleeger Hall in Wilson with 750 students by 9:45pm, in order to make the pool of prizes jump from $1,000 worth of prizes to $10,000. At 9:30pm, the hall had approximately 350 people and everyone was posting on social media, desperately trying to fill the hall in the next 15 minutes. At quarter of, we had about 400 students come in. Even though we did not #FillPfleeger, OSA decided to keep the pool of prizes at $6,000 instead of $10,000. 

Prizes that were being given away varied by round. We started the night with a gift package to retailers in the Rowan area such as Jimmy Johns and Barnes and Nobles. As the rounds continued, winning became harder. Some examples of "winning" were a bingo in the shape of a "Z," an "inner box," "four corners," and "full board." 

Other prizes included the choice between an X-Box 1 or a PS-4, mountain bikes, an iPad Air or wireless beats, a Fitbit Surge or a watch, and also, a experiencing Philadelphia package (including tickets to the Zoo, the Food tour, and the Phillies) and a Broadway package for New York City. Other prizes included an all inclusive pass to Hollybash, a festival coming to Rowan on April 29th, and a Rowan basket containing all kinds of Rowan regalia! The biggest prize of the night was a 55 inch flat screen Insignia TV, which was awarded at the end of the night.

All in all, even though we did not #FillPfleeger, the night was a huge success and lots of students walked away happy with their winnings.