Disney+ Review

I love Disney movies. Ever since I was a child I found myself nestled in my bed watching Disney Princess films like The Little Mermaid or Snow White. As I got older dcoms were my favorite shows to watch as well as shows like The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. As a broke college student the only way I could watch Disney films or retro Disney shows was by stalking Freeform, Netflix or the Disney Channel. Even then I could only watch a select variety of films or shows at a certain time. 

When I heard that Disney+ was coming out I was ecstatic. You mean to tell me that I can watch any Disney movie or show by only paying $6.99 a month?It seemed like a no brainer to me. I signed up immediately. I couldn’t sleep the night before it came out because I was so excited.

But does Disney+ live up to the hype? Although it’s silly to expect in hindsight I thought that everything Disney made would be on Disney+. I was a little upset to see that one of my favorite childhood show, “The Proud Family” wasn’t on the streaming service. Hopefully Disney+ will update and add new shows as time goes on. However, I’m afraid that other beloved shows will be removed. But, as long as the traditional Disney movies stay on the sight I can’t be too upset. 

The initial streaming was a little glitchy. But, I can’t expect much of anything else on the first day of service. There has to be hundreds of thousands of people were trying to stream at the same time. I can’t fault Disney+ for having a few bugs in the first few days. But, after the initial glitches I haven’t had a problem with the service. 

As far as the layout of the websites I’d give it an A. At first I didn’t like that there wasn’t a continue watching panel. However, I love the freedom of watching potentially embarrassing movies and shows without any judgement. Who needs to know that I watched Cinderella eight times in a row?

The only worry that I have is the possibility (let’s face it reality) of the prices rising. Hopefully the price doesn’t outweigh the joy of the streaming service. But all in all, you can consider this Disney fan happy.