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Dear Acting Girl,

Thank you, Acting Girl, when you called me dyslexic in front of our acting class last spring semester. In a way, you called me brilliant for Albert Einstein and Walt Disney had dyslexia. I was never diagnosed as dyslexic. The real reason why I messed up a lot was because of my bad memory. Also, thank you for you have shown me that no matter where I am in life, there will be people who are stuck in high school. The way you treated me when I reached out to you via text and you called me ‘childish.’ I loved being called a child by one, thank you. Please note, my letter was not meant for revenge, but time to let the past go. Even though there are bigger problems in life, I had too many of these Acting Girls in mine.

Additionally, thank you to London Girl and Lobster Boy, who laughed with you and at me. You two showed me why I will never be a follower in life. I was reminded to be my own person.

Thank you to the Willow Girls, who bought me a Hershey bar with a note that said not to pay attention to Acting Girl.

Thank you to my Forever Girls, who listened to the rants I had about not my frustration with Acting Girl, but with myself. I promised I would never let anyone tear me down, but I did, I let myself down. Yet, no more of what happened to me long ago affect me, this will stay in 2019.

The reason why I finally decided to write my truth was because of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who once said, “Always do what you are afraid to do,” I will. Thank you, Emerson, because this letter terrified me.


Paige Stressman


It is okay not to be able to stand up for yourself right away. When you are hurt, you are in a state of shock. Take it at your own time.


I’m a Writing Arts major with a minor in Strategic Communications.
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