Clueless, Another Feminist Bop

In class I had to read another student’s paper that claimed that the movie Clueless is unfeminist. She said that Cher is nothing but a stereotype that makes fun of women and that it’s harmful to view her as a feminist icon. Instead, she suggested to look up to girls like Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen.

Although I didn’t tell her opinion I couldn’t help but disagree with it. There’s a trend where people think that feminist media has to be unfeminine. That the Katnisses and the Hermiones of the world are somehow more valid than the Elle Woods and Chers. But the thing about feminism is that it’s meant to allow women to choose how they act without being judged. It’s meant to empower women to love their femininity or lack of femininity. By denying women the right to be a feminist and traditionally feminine, you are denying feminism itself.  

So why is Clueless a feminist movie? The movie talks about sexuality blatantly. Cher is a virgin, Dionne is sexualy active but still holds onto her “v card” and Tai lost her virginity. It’s all said with the same weight--there is no slut shaming or calling anyone a prude. It’s refreshing to see this and I haven’t seen any other teen movie that accomplished talking about sexuality in this breezy way.

Cher is also shown to be pro-immigration, pro-gay rights, and--of course--a feminist. She’s a feminist icon because she proves that you can be kind and beautiful. That you can be smart and beautiful. That you can be traditionally beautiful and a feminist icon. And may I remind you that Clueless is based on Jane Austen's Emma? How could Cher not be a feminist icon?