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Cherry Hill’s Free Conference for Professionals and Parents of Children with Special Needs

CHERRY HILL, N.J. – Mayor Chuck Cahn, the Ombudsman for Disabled Citizens, and the Cherry Hill Alliance on Alcohol and Drug Abuse presented the Cherry Hill’s Conference for Children and Adults with Special Needs. The conference was held at the Carman Tilelli Community Center.

This conference was created to uplift parents and professionals who are caretakers and educators of family or friends with disabilities.

The event was coordinated by Jill Greenberg Kail of Ombudsman for Disabled Citizens, a civil rights attorney who has served disabled citizens in Cherry Hill since 1997.

Six professionals gave speeches about their experiences working with special needs families. Thomas D. Begley, Jr. founding member of the Begley Law Group, P.C. gave an overview of what everyone should know when obtaining social security income and disability as a person with special needs. Major considerations include financial consideration, letter of intent, power of attorney, and an ideal trustee.

“Kids need supervision and need to know how much they have in their bank,” says Begley. Hiring a disability attorney to handle a case can benefit the life of a special needs child.

Barbara Berman, a certified Professional Organizer (BB’s Clutter Solutions, LLC), described the “Barbara’s Brilliant Blueprint.” When a person begins something they must assess the situation, build an action plan by breaking down the main points, and be persistent.

Valerie Furlong, a Consultant with a Master’s Degree in Special Education, provided information when creating a positive relationship with a child. Laying the foundation through self-parenting is important.

“If we don’t have that compassion, it will be hard to do what is necessary,” stated Furlong.

Taking care of people with special needs is not an easy task. Tammy Delucca, Fire Chief of Public Fire Safety, warned “People are terrified to talk about fire with their children.” Delucca implemented the “Camden County FireWatch Program” to teach juveniles about fire safety. It is important to have a working detector, escape plan and a place to meet in the house when there is a fire.

For more information about this conference please visit their website at  http://www.cherryhill-nj.com/125/Ombudsman-for-Disabled-Citizens 

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