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Campus Cuties: Liam Tully and Ryan Wintermute

From Edgewood Park Apartments to Heston Road these friends, Liam Tully and Ryan Wintermute, met through swim team practices and team bonding trips. Liam, who swam breast stroke, and Ryan, who was a distance freestyle swimmer, are adventurous, fun-loving roommates who have plenty of college experiences, memories and advice to pass onto other students.  

Favorite Thing About Rowan: 

“The Rowan Athletics and how supportive everyone is. Most teams go to other teams’ sporting events,” explains Liam who adds the swim team just went to the softball team’s game today.  

“My favorite aspect of Rowan is the cafeteria and people watching, especially on a Sunday,” says Ryan as Liam agrees with him.  

Advice for Freshmen:

” Don’t worry what other people think and just have fun,” says who Liam who tries to live by this motto. 

“Just go out and be sociable and don’t be afraid of any kind of rejection because at the end of the day you shouldn’t be afraid to do things,” advises Ryan. 

Essential Qualities in a Girl:

“Sense of humor is the most important, she has to be able to throw jokes right on back and not take them to heart,” says Liam. 

“She has to have a sense of humor, similar taste in music ( pop/punk, alternative), be adventurous (like to go out and experience the world), be intelligent and athletic,” says Ryan who likes to go on spontaneous dates with a girl and have a good time. 

Fun Facts:

  • The two have a beer vending machine in their house they won at Hops & Grapes
  • They aspire to be pirates. “If all else fails, we will be pirates,” explains Liam.

Spirit Animals:

  • Ryan says a narwhal is his spirit animal because he likes to swim and loves the cold. 
  • Liam’s spirit animal is a billy goat becuase of its beard. 
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