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Campus Cutie: Matthew Paugh

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.


Read more about this week’s campus cutie, Matthew Paugh, a Sophomore Civil Engineerwho loves the oudoors and wants to travel cross-country one day. 


Favorite tv show/movie: I have been watching a lot of tv shows lately, but currently I am really into Bates Motel. My friend got me into it and I have been hooked on it ever since. For my favorite movie, I would have to say Horrible Bosses. I love comedy movies and this movie had me laughing the whole time.


Where can you be found on campus? I am usually in the Engineering Building, where most of my classes are, which is basically my home until I graduate. I also like to go to library to have a quiet place to do homework and study.


What are your hobbies? I love playing most sports, but I really love to go running. I really enjoy playing basketball, which is actually my favorite sport since I was in elementary school. I also like getting to play soccer as well. I even joined my friend’s intramural soccer team and have played with them the past two years. We are actually in the process of playing our season right now.  I like going outside, especially when it’s nice out, and maybe throw a baseball or Frisbee around, it doesn’t matter to me. I just love getting to go outside and exercise and do fun athletic things. I also like to listen to music when I’m just hanging out or while I’m doing my homework.


Sign: Sagittarius


Relationship status: Taken

What would you like to do on a first date? I’m never opposed to the traditional first date of going out to eat at a nice restaurant and then going to see a movie afterwards. But I also like being a little adventurous and doing something more out of the box. Since I like being very active and like spending time outside, I like to deviate away from the traditional first date and do something more adventurous like going to a trampoline park or go hiking or exploring. I like to step outside my comfort zone and do something that people may not normally do and have a great time doing it.


What’s one crazy thing on your bucket list? I know it doesn’t sound crazy, but one thing on my bucket list that I really want to do is go on a cross-country road trip. I have always wanted to just travel the country wherever it may take me and check out all of the cool sights. I think it would be awesome to travel the country with some friends and see a lot of the things that are out there for us to enjoy.


What do you plan to do when you graduate? After I graduate, I hope to be able to land a good job that I am going to love doing every day, especially in my specific field of engineering. I also hope to get my own place after graduating and start getting used to life more on my own and have my own rules and responsibilities and steady job. Of course I would love to have a place very close to wherever I decide to work, but even if it’s not, I just want to be able to start my life on my own and start making decisions that I need to make as an adult and hopefully continue to make my parents proud with my decisions.

Who do you look up to? I look up to my parents because of how much they do for me every single day, no matter what. The amount that they have sacrificed to allow me to attend school here and be a part of such an amazing program speaks volumes to me. They have always taken care of me and they are always so supportive of any decisions I make. They have given me so many opportunities and helped me along each one of them and I can never thank them enough for how much they have taught me how to be the person I am today.


Favorite thing about Rowan and why: I have to say my favorite thing about Rowan definitely has to be all of my friends that I have met here. The friends I have made here I already know are going to last a lifetime because they have been so great to me and have always helped me with absolutely anything I need no matter what it is. They have made my transition to college that much easier by making my time here some of the best times I have ever had and will continue to have even after I graduate from Rowan. I also got to meet my amazing girlfriend here who, just like my friends, has been one of my biggest supporters who has always been there for me through all the good times and bad. She pushes me every single day to be the best person I can be and to never give up even when I struggle with school or whatever it may be. I am so thankful to have met her here and for everything she has done and I know will continue to do for me every day. My friends and my girlfriend have really made my time here so great and it will continue to be until I graduate and even afterwards as well.


What advice would you give to freshmen? Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Branch out and try new things whether it be joining a sports team, becoming a part of a club here on campus, or even just making new friends. Who knows, maybe those friends will become some of your best friends for years to come after you graduate. Don’t get caught up in all the negativity. College is the time to start fresh and make some new friends and bring some positive vibes to your life. I know it seems scary for some of you at first, but trust me it all gets better with time and you will have some of the greatest times of your life here. And, overall, just have fun. Have a fun time in college because it only lasts so long and you should enjoy every minute of it like I have been doing ever since I started meeting my great friends here. Just always remember, college is the time to branch out and meet some new people and join some cool clubs that interest you and have a great time doing it. I know the workload can be tough, believe me I understand, but just remember to always make time for fun. You can be studious, but have a great time here too. I wish you guys luck with everything that you do here and in the future and I hope what I have said will help you as you live out your four years here at Rowan University.