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Benny Panella

Name: Benny Panella


Age: 21


Major: Communications Studies


Perfect Day: Calling a Rowan sport for RTN Channel 5, eating steak, a nice work out at the gym, and capping it by hanging out with friends


Plans Post-Rowan: I hope to get a job as a play-by-play guy for just about any sport that will pay.


Perfect Date: A date to the ballpark or a day at the beach with my girlfriend.


Spirit Animal: A Kangaroo. They’re relentless animals and I’m a relentless person.


Hero: My hero is my dad. He passed away in 2007, and I’ve lived my life the way I know he would have wanted. I miss him so much!


Favorite Quote: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”


Hobbies: I love working out. Anything around sports. I like acting and writing. I’ve really gotten into writing anything from books or scripts. It’s just so fun, and a great way to channel my ideas.



Erin studies television and film production, anthropology, and writing at Rowan University. Her spirit animal is a horse and she loves floral prints.
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