5 Plants Perfect for Your Dorm Room

Your college dorm is your home away from home. Adding a few plants to your space might help to make it a little more inviting. So, unleash your inner Poison Ivy and try your hands at the exciting world of indoor gardening!


1. Air Plants

Want to add a little green to your space, but not ready for the responsibility? Look into the Tillandsia or Air Plant. What makes these plants unique is the fact that they do not have roots, but rather “live in the air” hence their name. These plants love bright sun and only need a thorough misting once a week to keep it healthy. Simply keep your air plant in a vase or a bowl, or if you are feeling crafty, house your air plant in a super cute DIY terrarium.


2. Cacti

Want something that is both interesting and easy to take care of? With hundreds of varieties available and relatively inexpensive, you can't really go wrong with a classic cactus. They do not require a lot of space which makes them ideal for a dorm room setting. Water them once a month and keep them in a relatively sunny place and you are good to go. Get a bunch of them and create your own desktop garden!


3. Succulents

Looking for something low maintenance, but that still gives you the look of a traditional house plant? Well, look no farther than the trusty succulent! Succulents are hardy little plants that are incredibly easy to take care of due to the fact that they need very little water and sunlight. There are many different varieties and colors available so it is easy to find a few that match your decor.


4. Snake Plants

Do you live in an urban area where there are high levels of toxins in the air? Snake Plants are known to filter the air and increase oxygen levels in their environment.  They make an ideal dorm plant due to the fact that they require little light and water and are relatively easy to maintain. The increase in oxygen that snake plants are known to provide help with deeper sleep, which is definitely something that any college student could benefit from.


5. Lucky Bamboo

Do you want something both visually striking and easy to take care of? Maybe a Lucky Bamboo is what you are looking for! The Lucky Bamboo is grown in bundles, with roots planted in water or in pebbles, and straight or curly stalks. They only require a little sunlight now and again, and they are good to go!