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5 Great Gifts for Your Magnificent Man

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.

Let’s start this with a “it’s okay, don’t panic.” You probably clicked on this article because you have a really great guy in your life who you are totally head-over-heels for, but you have zero clue what to give him for Valentine’s Day.

Like I said, don’t panic. You’re definitely not alone because I personally feel like guys are so hard to shop for, and I know plenty of people who agree. In my own experiences, girls tend to talk more frequently about things they want (aka present ideas) or wish to do (aka date ideas). For some reason unbeknownst to me, guys don’t seem to do this as much. That leaves people like you and I struggling to figure out what to do for presents.

Material objects definitely don’t represent the amount of love or compassion you have for your significant other, but we tend to want to find a really awesome present to give in order to show that we care about them, know them well, and pay attention to what they like. Below are a few ideas of how to treat yo man to something great this Valentine’s Day.

Photo album or scrapbook

This is such a cute way to showcase memories that the two of you share! Especially if your boyfriend is sentimental at all, he will really appreciate and treasure this. Fill it with photos, cute sayings, decorations, letters, ect. If you don’t trust your crafting skills enough to make one on your own, try out the scrapbooks you can order from websites like Shutterfly. Someone shared this coupon code (code: PHOTOBK) to me for a free standard 8×8 photo book on your first purchase, so maybe try and see if it works for you.

Plan a romantic date

Sometimes it’s really cool to give an experience as a present rather than a material object; I know I really enjoy experiencing things with my boyfriend! He usually plans our dates, so it’d be nice to switch it up and plan and pay for a date as a gift. It could be something fancier like going out for a nice dinner or going to a concert, or something more laid back like decking out your car and going to a drive in theatre, going mini golfing, or having an arcade night. Pick something you know your man will enjoy getting to do with you!


Picking out a scent for someone else can be a little tricky if you don’t know their preferences. However, it doesn’t mean it HAS to be hard! Recently, I talked about the perfume sampler from Sephora and what a great gift option it is. Sephora also offers a cologne sampler set with twelve samples of popular colognes, and it also includes a voucher for a free FULL SIZED cologne of one of those twelve options. This is a great gift because your guy can try out multiple options to figure out what he likes, and then he can choose which one he wants a free full sized one of.

Bartending Kit


If your dude is 21 or older, you could always consider getting him a bartending kit. A lot of guys I know are fascinated by making mixed drinks and figuring out how to make their favorites. If this sounds like the guy that you are with, consider this set from Amazon! It is comprised of 14 stainless steel tools, such as shaking tins and a cocktail strainer. If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, you could also throw in this nifty little recipe book.

New Headphones

Electronics are for some reason always recommended as a present for men. I have no idea why. This gift would definitely be great for anyone, not just your significant other! Bose makes some reallllllly awesome noise canceling headphones, but they come at a super hefty price tag. After looking through Amazon, I found that these headphones from TaoTronics have pretty good reviews, and at a MUCH more bearable price. Noise canceling headphones are a wonderful invention so that you can enjoy your music and not have to turn the volume up too high because of noise interference. I think I may actually be adding these to my own shopping cart soon!


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