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12 Things that will Cheer You Up When Studying for Finals

Finals week. It’s where your all-nighters and caffeine addictions begin, and your stress and workload seems to never end.  To help you get through those long hours of studying, here are some things you can do while you take a much needed study break.


1. Listen to music



2. Order takeout

3. Change into your comfiest sweats



4. Light some candles



5. Workout


6. Treat yourself to some Dunkin or Starbucks


7. Try some deep breathing exercises.



8. Search for pictures online that will guarantee to make you smile (for example: dogs wearing booties)

9. Look up inspirational quotes



10. Chocolate


11. Text a loved one for emotional support





12.  Envision yourself handing in your last final, heading home, and not having to worry about school until 2015.





You got this!  Now start studying!

I'm super excited to be the secretary for Her Campus Rowan! I'm at an PR Coordinator at Philly PR Girl, and I'm a senior (where has the time gone?!) I'm a PR major and a journalism minor, and I also write for The Odyssey. 
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