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10 Ways College students and Preschoolers are More Similar than You’d Think!


So, you’re in college. Are you a freshman, excited about your first year and ready to take on another? Or are you a senior, aching to leave but also yearning to stay forever?

Whichever you are, you may be surprised to know that you relate more to a preschooler than you could have imagined. Preposterous, you say? Well, I can change your mind about that.


BOTH college students and preschoolers have a diet made up of mostly Macaroni and Cheese.



BOTH college students and preschoolers need constant naps.


BOTH experience changes in their language abilities. However, while preschoolers learn the magic of reading and new words, college students start to lose the ability to talk due their exhaustion. But we also learn an immense new amount of vocab that we are expected to use in regular conversation.



BOTH need the freedom to explore their environments. As a new college student, you were eager to explore every inch of the campus and your new found freedom. Likewise, preschoolers are excited to run around and explore any room they’re in. But let’s be real, if you put me in a room full of toys, I would run around and explore it too.



BOTH need to employ the buddy system. Preschoolers need a buddy to go with them everywhere! And as a new college student, you needed a buddy to get around campus during your first week. Also, as a senior in college, you tend to go in pairs to hunt for jobs.



BOTH experience the art of delayed gratification. For preschoolers, it’s cookies. For college students, it’s graduation. And cookies too.



BOTH throw a tantrum when things don’t go their way. The difference is that college students are panicking and crying about their futures and course schedules, while preschoolers are crying about not getting to eat a brownie. Well, college students cry over brownies too.



BOTH like to explore their style options. Preschoolers come to school rocking the butterfly clips and wearing Disney T-shirts and college students wear pajamas and university gear almost everywhere. But if I had a Disney t-shirt you can bet your mac and cheese that I would wear it all the time too.



BOTH need their parents. You like to think you’re an adult in college and can live independently but you know that you call your parents at least twice a week to ask them how you’re supposed to do this whole thing called “living life” and “finding your future.”



BOTH need their blankies and teddy bears. You won’t admit it, but you the first thing you pack before the start of the school year is always your teddy bear. Always. 

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