How the Word Queer Ruined the LGBT Community

The word queer is a slur since 1894. It became more prevalent to shame gender nonconforming/ anti-heteronormative individuals.  In the early 1980s, LGBT members began to reclaim the word from its offensive meaning. Fast forward to the early 2000s, you have people who use it to describe ‘not-normal’ people and comparing their ‘oppression’ to actual struggles. Straight couples who participate in BDSM and gets strange looks when a grown woman calls her husband “daddy” is not the same as a lesbian couple wanting to hold hands in public, but being afraid to for safety reasons. Coming out as a cisgender heteroromantic who doesn’t want to have sex will never be the same as telling your parents that you want to transition your body.

There is a difference between someone raising their eyebrows at how you choose to have sex, and half the nation not wanting you to marry the person you love. Grouping LGBT people with cisgender heterosexuals is not liberating. No one wants to be compared and categorized with the very people who ostracized them. Pride is slowly becoming more about asexuality, kinksters, and furry pride than the very people who started it: trans women and lesbians.

Telling LGBTQuestioning kids that they should be queer is a terrible thing. Telling a 14-year-old lesbian that she’s not a lesbian, but in fact, queer will confuse her even more. There’s nothing wrong with the words bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender. Why are people erasing the very core of this community?

 Being gay or a lesbian is okay. It’s okay to just like men or women. It’s okay to just be bisexual. You can like two genders and they don’t have to be the binary ones. Bisexual people can like men and gender-neutral non-binary people. As a lesbian, I only like women and femme non-binaries. I like women and I know now it’s okay to just like women! I can say I’m lesbian and proud. I don’t have to adopt a hateful slur to ‘reclaim’ my sexuality. Queer tells people who were in my position, “Hey, you’re still open to men, right? Being a lesbian is bad. Be sexually fluid!!”.

As a community, have enough problems without trying to force this rhetoric. The LGBT community was built on the commonality of being hated by the world and that sense of love we give ourselves is being ruined. Huffington Post is using the Q slur in many articles like it's not a curse word. Slurs if reclaimed by the people that it affects shouldn't be used in our media. It's a horrible way to show "support". It’s just like when nonblack people think saying the N-word helps destroy racism. It doesn’t. It’s just an excuse to say words you have no right saying.

Queer is being used as a tag into a party that's more like a struggle to survive. Queer is for people that love pride, but not talking about the AIDS crisis and the oppression we have been through. Queer is erasing the voices of LGBT and helping people who are straight feel good about themselves. Queer is scaring kids who are questioning being asexual that it is just another way to have sex. Queer is hurting us, not helping.